LBH Dust Seal Fits Excavator

Temperature ℃: -20/+200

Material: Viton

LBH Dust Seal Medium: high-temperature resistant dust ring seal ring

Application: Mineral hydraulic oil

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The Working Principle of LBH Dust Seal Fits Excavator

The principle of achieving the "self-sealing" effect: the pressure type seal in the contact dynamic seal is the contact pressure formed between the seal and the coupling surface through the pressing force generated by the pre-compression force and the medium pressure, the higher the medium pressure, The greater the contact pressure, the tighter the seal and the coupling, to block the leakage channel, and achieve the "self-sealing" effect.

The self-sealing self-tightening seal uses the back pressure generated by the deformation of the seal itself to increase with the increase of the medium pressure, so as to achieve the "self-sealing" effect. At Sanping, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality China machinery spare parts, including custom oil seals that are designed to achieve the "self-sealing" effect. Our LBH seals utilize the principle of self-tightening, allowing them to effectively block any leakage channels under varying medium pressures.

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