Sanping Skeleton Oil Seal

Made by Sanping, a leading mechanical spare parts manufacturing supplier, skeleton oil seal are a type of oil seal used to prevent the leakage of lubricants and other fluids from a system. They typically consist of a metal skeleton frame that is filled with an elastomeric seal lip. The metal skeleton may be either of a single piece or multiple pieces and is designed to distribute the lip loading stress evenly. These mechanical oil seals are typically used in high-pressure applications, such as in hydraulic systems, and may be available in a variety of sizes and materials.

Types of Skeleton Oil Seal

Skeleton Oil Seal Advantages

Long Life: Skeleton oil seals are made from high quality materials which makes them resistant to wear and tear and ensures a longer life.

Reliability: Skeleton oil seals offer a dependable seal that can tolerate high pressure, really high temperatures, and mechanical stress.

Low Maintenance: Skeleton oil seals require minimal maintenance and can be installed and removed easily.

Efficiency: Skeleton oil seals as custom oil seals can provide a tight seal that helps reduce oil leakage and saves energy.

Skeleton Oil Seal FAQs

The Introduction of Skeleton Oil Seals.

Skeleton oil seals, also known as 'split seals', are designed to offer improved sealing performance and longer life compared to traditional O-ring and V-ring seals. The major components of a skeleton oil seal are an inner metal case, a sealing lip, and a flexible outer case. The inner metal case is designed to fit tightly into the housing, creating a tight seal between the two parts. The sealing lip, which is made of a soft material such as rubber, creates a good seal between the inner and outer cases. The flexible outer case helps to distribute the pressure evenly across the seal and prevent the seal from being damaged. The high pressure oil seals, a type of types of machine parts, are commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.

The Difference Between the PD Skeleton Oil Seal and the TC Skeleton Oil Seal.

The PD skeleton oil seal and the TC skeleton oil seal are both types of oil seal used to keep lubricants in and contaminants out of a variety of mechanical components. The main difference between the two is the material used for the seal body. The PD custom made oil seal is made from polyacrylate and is designed to be flexible and provide a tight seal even in low temperatures. The TC skeleton oil seal is made from nitrile rubber and is designed to provide greater resistance to wear and tear.

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