Sanping Buffer Ring

Sanping Buffer Ring is a high-quality sealing solution used in various heavy-duty applications, including excavators, loaders, and other construction machinery. This buffer ring is designed to provide excellent sealing performance and protect the machine's components from damage due to impact or pressure. The Sanping Buffer Ring is made from high-quality materials, which offer exceptional wear resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

Types of Buffer Ring

Buffer Ring Advantages

Improved accuracy: Compared to other metal bearing products, the Sanping Buffer Ring can maintain a more perfect circular shape, resulting in improved accuracy and better performance in applications.

Improved efficiency: The Sanping Buffer Ring is made of a special material that can absorb shock and vibration and has a better performance in dynamic applications, which can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the system.

Reduced noise: The Sanping Buffer Ring does not generate noise, which can reduce the overall noise level of the system.

Sanping Buffer Ring FAQs

What is Buffer Gas Seal?

Buffer gas seals are a type of machine seal used to prevent leakage of liquids or gases from a system. They are used in a variety of applications, from nuclear power plants to engines, pumps and valves. A buffer gas seal works by creating a gas barrier between the system and the environment. This barrier is created by introducing a low-pressure gas, such as nitrogen or argon, into the system. The gas is maintained at a pressure slightly higher than the pressure of the system, thus preventing the system from leaking.

How Buffer Rod Seals Influence Rod Seal Performance?

Buffer rod seals are an important component of rod seal performance because they provide an additional layer of protection against the ingress of contaminates and other external elements. By providing an extra layer of protection, buffer rod seals help to improve the performance of the rod seal by keeping out contaminants and other elements and preventing them from entering the system. Additionally, buffer rod seals help to reduce friction and wear on the rod seal by providing a smoother surface for the rod seal to move against, resulting in improved performance and longer seal life.

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