Sanping Boom Seal Kit

Boom repair kit/seal kit also known as hydraulic cylinder seal kit, mainly used in the maintenance market. Construction heavy machinery includes excavator, loader, bulldozer, roller, etc. The boom seal introduces know is used on the boom hydraulic cylinder of excavator, one machinery has two-cylinder and used two set seal kits. From the perspective of the maintenance market, our boom seal kits, a type of types of seal kit, deploy of the material with the best wear resistance and heat resistance. They are used in a variety of harsh environments, customers' feedback is very good and the repurchase rate is high. We, a reputable mechanical spare parts manufacturing manufacturer, always follow the principle of quality first, providing high-quality products and services for our customers!

Types of Sanping Boom Seal Kits

Sanping Boom Seal Kit Advantages

Advanced Structure: In the match of product structure, we choose the main oil seal with enhanced lips

Material Configuration: we use high-quality and first-class original formulas and PU materials which will make the seal kit boom more elasticity.

Leading Technology: we use advanced mold equipment to shape the configured materials (through an injection molding machine), then undergo high-temperature secondary vulcanization, finally check and store them one by one.

Quality Control: each of our products must be strictly tested in accordance with the actual working state. After passing the test, it will be put into the production in batches which to ensure that the products work stably and efficiently under actual working conditions.

Product Advantages: we have more than 10 years of production experience and have long-term stable strategic cooperative relations with domestic first-class OEM. Our china boom seal kits are constantly upgraded in development and use, more effectively meet the demands of the market.

FAQs of Sanping Boom Seal Kits

Why does the mechanical seal fail?

Because the rubber sealing ring inside the gearbox is affected by the alternating change of heating and cooling temperature, resulting the seal ring has lost a lot of plasticizers and softeners, and there has been a problem of corrosion ageing and hardening. At first, it was oil leakage, then slowly began to appear oil dripping, finally, the seal ring breaks for a long time. 

The reasons that the excavator changes the hydraulic cylinder seal kit?

The hydraulic cylinder leaks oil or the piston wears will lead the machinery can not work normally.

How to protect the excavator oil seal far away wear?

1. Improve the design of hydraulic seals

2. Strengthen daily inspection and maintenance of seal equipment

What are the types of excavator seals?

Pin Dust Seal, Dust Ring, Wear Ring, O-Ring, Piston Ring, DU Bush, Buffer Ring, Rod Seal, Backup Ring, Dust Wiper Seal etc. 

Do excavators need sealant when changing seals?

Most boom seals, as one of mechanical seal components, do not need sealant, except for some special positions.

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