Sanping Back Up Ring

China buck up ring seal is a thin ring designed to prevent the O-ring from extruding under pressure. They are installed in the gland between the seal and the gap to provide zero gap.

Types of Back Up Ring Seals

China Back Up Ring Advantages

1. The China back up rings are effective in preventing the O ring backup ring from being pinched, which can happen when there is a significant difference between the inside diameter of the gland and the outside diameter of the O-ring backup ring.

2. The seal backup rings help to reduce the cost of the O-ring backup ring since they reduce the amount of material needed for the O-ring backup ring.

3. The seal backup rings can be used to help increase the temperature resistance of the O-ring backup ring, since they can act as a heat sink.

Back Up Ring FAQs

What is the Purpose of a Backup Ring?

An element used to safeguard a seal in a dynamic application is a backup ring. It is made to allow for relative mobility while preventing the seal from extending into the space between two mating components. It is typically employed in dynamic high pressure applications.

How Do Backup Rings Work?

Backup rings are typically used in static seals like O-rings. They are used to provide additional support to the seal, helping to ensure that the seal is properly seated in the groove. Backup rings are commonly made of hard plastics like PTFE and are designed to fit into a groove that is slightly larger than the O-ring. When the O-ring is compressed into the groove, the backup ring prevents it from expanding too far and provides the necessary support for the seal.

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