DKB Dust Seal Fits Excavator

As one of important mechanical machine parts, DKB outer iron shell oil seal, double lip, used to seal the rotating shaft in dust-proof and anti-corrosion environment.

1. Lip end: It is a wedge shape, which plays a role of sealing fluid.

2. Sealing lip: The sealing lip is a flexible elastomer, designed to maintain a stable sealing effect under the influence of mechanical vibration and pressure changes of the sealing fluid, and to maintain a stable contact state between the lip and the shaft surface. In addition, the spring can increase the pressing force of the sealing lip to the shaft and maintain this pressing force.

3. Dust lip: The dust lip is the secondary lip that is not in contact with the spring. Play the role of preventing the intrusion of dust.

4. Coordinating part: The mating part is used to prevent fluid leakage and intrusion from the contact surface between the outer peripheral surface of the oil seal and the inner surface of the cavity while the oil seal is fixed in the cavity hole. In addition, the metal frame plays a protective role when the oil seal is fixed in the cavity.

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Advantages of DKB Dust Seal Fits Excavator

  • Small friction

  • Good effect of scraping inward and outward

  • Simple groove and small installation space

  • Compact structure

  • Suitable for installation and removal without tools

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