A Brief Introduction About Oil Seal

Oil seal is a mechanical component for sealing, also known as the rotary shaft lip sealing ring. The friction part of the machine is due to the oil entering in the mechanical operation. In order to prevent the oil from leaking from the machine, the oil seal is used. The common type is skeleton oil seal.

1. Oil seal representation method

Common expression method: oil seal type - inside diameter - outside diameter - height - materials such as: TC40*62*12-NBR means double lips inner skeleton oil seal with inside diameter 40 outside diameter 62 thickness 12 material for nitrile rubber oil seal.

2. Skeleton oil seal material

Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR): wear resistance, oil resistance (can not be used in polar media) temperature resistance: -40~120℃

Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR): wear resistance, oil resistance, ageing resistance, temperature resistance: -40~200℃ (better than NBR temperature resistance)

Fluorine glue (FKM): acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance (all oil resistance), temperature resistance: -20~300℃ (oil resistance is better than the two)

Polyurethane rubber (TPU): wear resistance, ageing resistance, temperature resistance: -20~250℃ (excellent ageing resistance)

Silicone rubber (PMQ): heat resistance, cold resistance, compression permanent deformation small mechanical strength, temperature resistance: -60~250℃ (excellent temperature resistance)

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, oil and other media, wear resistance and high-temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and good lubrication

Generally, the framework oil seal is often used in nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, and polytetrafluoroethylene because of its good self-lubrication, especially after the bronze is added to better effect, are used for the production of baffle rings, grey ring, special seal, etc

3. Distinguish skeleton oil seal type

Type C frame oil seal for inner frame oil seal can be divided into SC type, TC type, VC type, KC type, DC type, which are single lip inner frame oil seal, double lip inner frame oil seal, double lip inner frame oil seal, double lip inner frame oil seal

Type G skeleton oil seal is threaded outside, its type is the same as type C, but in the process, it is modified into threaded outside, similar to the role of O-ring, which plays the role of strengthening the sealing effect, but also can play the role of fixing the oil seal is not loose

Type B skeleton oil seal is the inside of the skeleton with rubber material or there is no rubber material inside and outside the skeleton. No rubber material will make the heat dissipation performance better

Type A frame oil seal is an assembled type of oil seal. Its structure is relatively complex compared with the above three kinds, and it is characterized by better bearing performance and excellent performance.

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