Floating Seal Fits Excavator

Floating oil seal is a kind of dynamic seal. It has super sealing performance in harsh working environment such as coal powder, silt, moisture, etc. It is a compact mechanical seal, mainly used in low-speed and heavy-duty occasions. It has the advantages of wear resistance, automatic compensation after end face wear, reliable work, simple structure, etc., and is widely used in coal mine machinery. Such as the head (tail) sprocket assembly of the scraper conveyor, the loading mechanism and the cantilever section of the roadheader, the left and right cutting drums and reducers of the continuous shearer.

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Advantages of Floating Seal Fits Excavator

1. Improved Performance: Floating seal fits for excavator ensures a better sealing of the hydraulic and mechanical components, which results in improved performance of the machine.

2. Longer Life: The use of floating seal fits, a type of custom oil seals, increases the lifespan of the excavator's components as it prevents dust, dirt, and debris from entering into the system, which results in fewer repairs and replacements.

3. Reduced Maintenance: Floating seal fits require less maintenance compared to other types of seals. They are durable and can withstand harsh operating conditions, thereby reducing the overall maintenance cost of the excavator.

4. Increased Efficiency: The use of floating seal fits helps to improve the efficiency of the excavator by preventing slippage and reducing friction, resulting in less power loss and increased productivity.

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